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International editorial board
  The editorial board for Core Evidence comprises an expanding group of experts and opinion leaders representing clinical practice in the major therapy areas, formulary management, evidence-based medicine and outcomes research
Peer reviewed
Core Evidence is included in EMBASE, EMNursing, Scopus, the Health Economic Evaluations Database (HEED), and CINAHL. Indexing in all other major databases is being applied for
Core Evidence is the first international peer-reviewed journal to rigorously evaluate the evidence for rational drug selection based on outcomes central to informed medical decision making, with the goal of improved quality of care
Core Evidence is unique because it:
Focuses on clinical outcomes evidence
Reviews the emerging evidence at key stages of drug development and evaluates how this may affect a drug’s place in therapy
Conducts a rigorous review of the evidence based on:
  Relevance: formulary guideline requirements provide the structure
  Validity: evidence-based medicine techniques evaluate the evidence
  Credibility: input from international experts weights the evidence according to clinical relevance